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Antminer D3

0.0012 BTC

Plan Duration: 10 Days

Daily Mining: 0.000144 BTC

Profit In Percent: 20%

Total Return: 0.001440 BTC

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Antminer L3+

0.0035 BTC

Plan Duration: 10 Days

Daily Mining: 0.000438 BTC

Profit In Percent: 25%

Total Return: 0.004375 BTC

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Antminer S19

0.0180 BTC

Plan Duration: 8 Days

Daily Mining: 0.003038 BTC

Profit In Percent: 35%

Total Return: 0.024300 BTC

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Antminer T9+

0.0650 BTC

Plan Duration: 6 Days

Daily Mining: 0.016792 BTC

Profit In Percent: 55%

Total Return: 0.100750 BTC

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WhatsMiner M30S

0.1950 BTC

Plan Duration: 5 Days

Daily Mining: 0.068250 BTC

Profit In Percent: 75%

Total Return: 0.341250 BTC

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DragonMint T1

0.5950 BTC

Plan Duration: 4 Days

Daily Mining: 0.296013 BTC

Profit In Percent: 99%

Total Return: 1.184050 BTC

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